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The Action Housecall Practice is not a “bargain basement” practice, who takes shortcuts with your pet’s health.  We feel that affordability is obviously important, but if something is ridiculously cheap, there is usually a reason for it. Our pets are not only living creatures who cannot speak for themselves, and are completely at our mercy, but are loved and valued family members.  We practice high quality modern medicine, giving clients options and choices based on their individual situations.

You will not be asked to sign a 2 page liability waver. We simply do not need this.  All risks and potential problems will be explained to you, in an unhurried environment.  We use only high quality vaccines and medicines, not the cheapest that can be found.

Clients and their pets will not wait in a long line and have 30 seconds with the veterinarian. Preventative medicine is important, and many problems can be minimized if addressed early. Assembly line medicine is not good medicine.

You will not be rushed through a quick 15 minute appointment, only to leave with unanswered questions and confusion.  The average time we spend in a person’s home is one hour.  We are thorough, not rushed.  We will take as long as you need to understand what we are doing. The fear level of a dog or cat is greatly reduced when there is patience, not over-restraint. We strive to educate pet owners, and they can participate as much as they wish. All treatments and medications are done by a veterinarian, not a technician.  (8 years of college education vs. 1 year of tech school)

Your pet will not be exposed to sick, contagious animals. Fixing one problem and returning home with kennel cough or a respiratory disease will not happen in your own home. Waiting rooms and places where nos. of other pets congregate can expose a pet to viruses, parasites, and other pathogens.

You will not “cool your heels” while waiting for someone to show up.  There is no lengthy appointment window, we make and keep timely appointments.

You will never be abandoned.  We will always be there for you, even if a referral to a specialist is necessary.   

Your pet will not be taken away from you and the treatment or procedure done behind closed doors.  You will be present and actively involved in the process.

You and your pet will never be treated like a number. The Action Housecall Practice is not a large corporation, but a very personalized and compassionate  practice. Pet guardians and their four-legged family members are very, very, important to us. 


“Saving one Animal may not
change the World…

             But Surely – For that one Animal…

               The World will Change Forever!”

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