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Pawsitive Reviews


Dr. Ostgaard of the Action Housecall Practice has been y veterinarian now for 17 years. I have had 3 cats and 3 dogs over that period of time. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has more than once saved my animals from death and or severe debilitation with her quick, appropriate and knowledgeable care.  Her care in general far surpasses that which I received from several clinics in Boulder. She goes the extra mile for my pets each and every tie.  She is by far their very best friend!

Kristen and Mike Hirota

Wendy is a true partner in ensuring the best health care for and longevity of your pet. We first met Wendy when we noticed our newly adopted 8 year-old cat was drinking too much water. She came the same day of our initial contact, did a thorough examination and provided us with a diagnosis the very next day.  Immediately afterwards, she set about helping a nervous new pet owner learn how to care for and treat a diabetic cat. Thanks to Wendy's attentiveness and dedicated care, we had 8 wonderful years with our cat.  We have since adopted a new cat and we continue to entrust his health care with Wendy knowing she will be there for him, and for us, whenever we need her.

Brenda P.

Showed up in a snow storm when the mobile vet I was using refused to come. My animals love her. Quality medicine, with a vet that really cares.

Frank H.

Very happy with this service. Great care, vet that really cares about the animals, super reliable.  Goes the extra mile.

Action Housecall Practice

Ellen H.

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful vet Dr. Wendy Ostgaard is.  She has been my vet for several decades, and has helped me care for many generations of cats.  She is an excellent  diagnostician, and has treated and cared for my cats as if they were her own. She deeply cares for animals, and her care and caring are always infused with providing the best quality of life for an animal as possible. I have relied on her advice, suggestions, and treatment for my cats for a long time, and will continue to do so for as long as I can.